A Chaos Of My Own Making

Sometimes you have to let yourself fall to pieces so you can put yourself back together again in a new way. A way that makes sense or a way that fits better with now. It is painful but you know that pain is totally necessary.

And that pain; you need to embrace it. It’s ok to sit alone and weep, sob loud body wrenching sobs, letting tears and snot rundown your face until you are nothing put a puddle on the floor’ weak, completely drained and yet renewed. It’s ok.

Then you can look at all those pieces fallen before you and slowly, one at a time, put them in their new slots.

Life isn’t supposed to be straight forward if you live it, really live it. Life is based on chaos,



Radio Quiz

a tribute to my late mother.

A Flurry of Words

Michelle from Sittingbourne, your sixty seconds starts….now. How far is the moon from Earth?…”erm, Ooh, ah..pass!”“three hundred and eighty four thousand four hundred kilometres!” the voice next to me shouts at the radio as she flicks the indicator right and pulls out of our street…

“The flower Helianthus, is more commonly know as..? “Ooh, gosh, Heli, Heli-what-now?’

“Sunflower, its sunflower you nitwit!” I look at this woman next to me with raised eyebrows then shrug apologetically at the radio and poor Michelle from Sittingbourne who thankfully cant see us.

“Is that a pass?. next question, What is the capital of Azerbaijan?”

“Pass, sorry!” giggles.

“Baku!” comes a bark from the drivers seat.

“Who was prime minister in 2005?” ‘Oh yes! I know, erm…oh what was ‘is name…”

“Blair, Blair, Tony bleeding Blair! How can you not know that?”….

“erm, wasn’t it Tony Blair?”

A buzzer squawks.

“Correct Michelle, however your…

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